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LUKS - Analysis of lines and junctions

The LUKS software tool is an integrated system for several types of railway operations research. Based on a common data basis, compilatory, analytical and simulative methods can be adopted for analyses of lines and junctions. [more about different approaches]

LUKS was developed in response to the plethora of programs available hitherto and the drawbacks this entails for the inputting and use of infrastructure and timetable data from the operative systems run by DB Netz AG. Right now, LUKS incorporates the current state of the art in railway operations research. Per year, two new versions of LUKS are released.

During the last years, LUKS became the standard tool for capacity assessment of German DB Netz AG, the standard tools for simulation at INFRABEL as well as the default system to answer capacitive questions at EBA (German railway authority).

LUKS is modular in design and comprises several core components plus modules with which to compile timetables, subject lines and junctions to analytical examinations and simulate the timetabling and operational processes.

LUKS basic

  • Infrastructure and train editor [...]
  • Running and blocking time calculation [...]


  • Analytic assessment of capacity and operation’s quality
  • Analytic dimensioning of lines, junctions and station track groups [...]


  • Simulation of timetable compilation
  • Simulation of operation with consideration of dispatching layer [...]


  • Timetable construction and scheduling [...]


Infrabel erwirbt LUKS

Ab Herbst 2011 wird LUKS als Standardtool zur Durchführung von mikroskopischen Simulationsstudien durch Infrabel eingesetzt. Wir freuen uns, dass ein zweiter Infrastrukturbetreiber das Vertrauen in unsere Software setzt.

Kapazität von Eisenbahninfrastruktur ermitteln

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