OpenTimeTable (OTT) allows multifold illustrations of operational data and the computation of corresponding key indicators. By means of statistical analyses the user is enabled to draw conclusions on possible enhancements of the timetable. For example reoccurring delay propagations become evident and planning parameters can be monitored for their in-field suitability. Beside the evaluation of real world data, OTT can also be applied to illustrate simulation results achieved by LUKS® and can though accompany the whole planning process of timetables. OTT requires no infrastructure data but solely recorded or simulated traffic data.

The first version of OTT was developed by a collaboration of Swiss Federal Railways SBB and ETH Zurich. In 2007 Swiss Federal Railways SBB reprogrammed OTT in Java and is continuously adding new functionalities. Since 2012 VIA-Con acts as distribution partner to enable the use of OTT to other companies.

OTT is applied by more than 100 users at Swiss Federal Railways SBB. Furthermore, OTT was introduced at German DB Netz AG, Austrian Railways ÖBB and Israel Railways.