For several years now, the PRISMA project has been renewing the IT systems of the operations centers of DB Netz AG with the aim of creating an IT system for the network-wide rail traffic dispatching with modern software components.

A sub-component of this overall project is a central infrastructure database that is process-wise integrated into the existing distributed IT landscape, merges work and data flows and provides aggregated, network-wide databases, ensures consistency and brings processes together transparently.

The subcomponent (BaSIs-BZ / LeiDa-D) of the overall PRISMA project is largely designed, implemented, tested and put into operation by VIA Consulting & Development GmbH.


Project functions in brief:

  • Network-wide basic and infrastructure data of the nationwide railway network
  • Synchronization of all operation centers and their data provision
  • Aggregation of processes and workflows
  • Extension by own data sets and extension data
  • Consolidation of all data sets
  • Multi-dimensional versioning with data versions, different data sets, status states and regions
  • Real-time embedding including security and failover implementation
  • Central data supplier for a large number of preceeding systems
  • Elaboration and implementation of new processes, data handling procedures and consolidation aspects

Languages and techniques used:

  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Vaadin
  • Databases, SQL, JPA with Oracle and H2
  • Jenkins, Ansible, Git etc., SonarQube, various test environments