The Ayalon-corridor forms the backbone of the Israeli railway network. Due to the continuously growing number of passengers there was the need to increase the capacity of the three-tracked main line through Tel Aviv – although there are various constructional constraints due to the adjacent motorway lanes and the river. During the previous three years VIA Consulting & Development GmbH evaluated various changes of the block sectioning on behalf of Israel Railways jointly with the customer. After an implementation phase of roughly one year, July 2012 saw the inauguration of a combination of shortened pre-signalling distances and recurrent application of speed-checking devices based on Israeli INDUSI I60R. This change permit to run fourteen trains per direction and peak hour. First experiences from the field prove the considerations on the possible headways. In the long-term view there is the intention to raise capacity by means of constructional actions and another automatic train control system. (Press release ETR 9/2012)