Our services are backboned by profound nature in railway operations research and deep knowledge of train control systems (in particular ETCS and increasingly also ATO and TMS as well). We try to approach each question with regard to the railway system as a whole.
We support our clients during most project phases from the idea until the establishment of control loops within operation. If requested, the knowledge is also transferred by means of professional education.

Operational infrastructure planning

  • Simulation of railway operation

  • Assessment of timetable robustness

  • Capacity evaluation according to UIC Leaflet 406

  • Assessment of system performance by means of queueing theory

  • Train-dynamic computations (e.g. maximum train weights)

Technology consulting

  • Creation of rules and standards

  • System configuration

  • Phrasing of functional requirements

  • Interactions between system architecture and operation

  • Definition and appraisal of migration strategies

Railway data analysis

  • Analysis of operational data, in particular delay data and infrastructure usage

  • Measurement of dwell times

  • Reporting of operational key indicators

  • Production principles in industry railways

Fields of activity

Below, we present selected projects which have been carried out for our customers during the previous years.

Selected projects

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