Consulting: Infrastructure – Operation – Technology

We support the development of control and control systems (CCS) from the perspective of railway operations and, on as well, provide support for a wide range of issues relating to the capacity of the railway system. Since joining quattron group, these services have been provided under the quattron brand.

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Railway operation research leads to the best possible goal once they take into account the railway system as a whole. We combine this holistic approach with the requirement to also take into account the often political environment. Technically, we use our own software solutions (LUKS, OnTime, OpenTimeTable), which provide the necessary procedures and can always be updated to meet individual requirements. As part of quattron group, we offer support throughout the entire life cycle of complex projects. We provide the following services with a focus on railway operations:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Analysis of railway specific data

  • Development of technology strategies

  • Requirements engineering

  • Specification of rulesets and guidelines

  • Creation of mockups and demonstrators



Depending on the study horizon, various methods (e.g. queueing theory, simulation, train dynamics) are used to quantify and evaluate the interactions between all subsystems. All methods are in accordance with the relevant regulations of the railway infrastructure companies. Thanks to our scientific background, we can extent the methods used, if necessary, to meet specific requirements. We are happy to present selected projects that have been worked on by our team in recent years. For a complete list of references, please contact us.