Three software solutions, complementing one another, are continuously enhanced and maintained. Serving various infrastructure managers and further customers in their daily business on the one hand, the tools are also used for consulting activities. This way, a steady innovation and advancement is given.


Since 2005 the software system LUKS (capacity analysis for routes and nodes) is developed on behalf of DB Netz AG. The major parts are implemented and used by DB Netz AG. Since 2011, LUKS is the standard tool for simulation of Infrabel.

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LaaS – LUKS as a Service

LaaS provides well-known and proven functionalities of LUKS as an independent, encapsulated and central interface, with which microscopic services such as microscopic routing, microscopic travel time calculation, occupancy calculation based on this and conflict detection can be implemented for easy and needs-oriented use for third parties.
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OpenTimeTable (OTT)

Open TimeTable allows multifold illustrations of operational data and the computation of corresponding key indicators. By means of statistical analyses the user is enabled to draw conclusions on possible enhancements of the timetable.

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Evaluating a timetable regarding the expected operation’s quality is nowadays a domain of microscopic simulations or a large scaled quiz. A substantial punctuality prognosis nevertheless is fundamental for an improvement of the offer and supports decision making while comparing and reviewing timetable variants. This gap is closed by OnTime, a joint development with trafIT solutions on behalf of Swiss Railways SBB and Infrabel.

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Individual solutions, Research and Innovations

We develop individual software solutions and applications in close coordination and cooperation with our customers. Our software modules, databases, data models and IT competencies in connection with technical, broad expertise also offers a reliable basis for special tasks, algorithmic developments and testing of new approaches that enable the exploration, architecture and confirmation of new concepts and processes as well as a good IT Consulting for processes and procedures in the railway sector.
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