In 2017, VIA Consulting & Development GmbH was contracted to execute even four major ETCS studies:

  • Basic evaluations related to the national ERTMS migration strategy (on behalf of Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure; Team with EBP Schweiz AG, R+R Burger AG, Uni Passau, RWTH Aachen)

  • Technical support for Bangkok Redline ETCS Level 1 Signalling (on behalf of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Team with TÜV SÜD Rail Japan)

  • Feasibility study “ETCS at S-Bahn Stuttgart” (on behalf of DB Netz AG, Verband Region Stuttgart, Ministerium für Verkehr Baden-Württemberg; Team with WSP, NEXTRAIL und QUATTRON)

  • Proof of operational feasibility for ETCS Level 2 on various Norwegian lines (on behalf of Bane NOR)

ETCS Supervision Principles