In May 2014, ProRail was the fifth railway infrastructure manager taking the software OpenTimeTable (OTT) into service. OTT enables an interactive identification of timetable weaknesses which cause delays. By means of manifold illustrations of operational data and key figures, Indications of fields for improvement within the operational performance and punctuality can be drawn.

Emerging from an in-house development at Swiss Railways SBB, OTT is used within its whole timetabling department since 2007. With the beginning of 2013, VIA Consulting & Development GmbH (VIA-Con) launched the distribution and support of OTT. In the meantime the software was introduced at Austrian ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, at German DB Netz AG, at Israel Railways Ltd. and at ProRail. Thanks to the little data preparation effort and the intuitive approach, results can be achieved quickly and the intended feedback loop may be realized.

For the future, SBB and VIA-Con jointly intend spreading OTT to support “mainline” stakeholders as well as operators of local transportation systems (e.g. tram networks) to improve their operational performance.