For ten years, there has been a distribution partnership for OpenTimeTable (OTT) between VIA Consulting & Development GmbH (VIA-Con) and Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS. As of September 2022, VIA-Con will additionally take over the further development of OTT. With a wide range of display and evaluation options for operational data as well as simulated data, OTT is a useful addition to VIA-Con’s existing software portfolio. OTT is intended to serve VIA-Con as a platform for innovative methods beyond its current application purpose. 

The first OTT version was developed by the ETH Zurich in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS and was reimplemented in Java by the SBB in 2007. In order to make OTT accessible to other users (e.g. railway infrastructure companies, railway undertakings, public authorities) outside Switzerland, the distribution partnership with VIA-Con was established in 2012. With the transfer of the software code to VIA-Con now taking place, the existing activities can be continued and new developments can be initiated.